The second biennial ‘European Climate Change Adaptation Conference’ was hosted in Copenhagen in 2015. More than 750 participants from 46 countries participated in this event.

The conference offered a unique platform for researchers, policy makers, and businesses to share new research results, novel policy developments, and practical implementation experiences regarding climate change impacts and adaptation, as well as highlight opportunities for business innovations aimed at supporting the transition to low carbon societies.

It also showcased how climate change adaptation in Europe can contribute to job creation and other societal benefits.

Director Kurt Vandenberghe of the European Commission presented where European adaptation research and innovation policies are heading the coming years. The conference provided an opportunity and learn about the European Commission’s policy initiatives on climate services and nature-based solutions and their funding in Horizon 2020, and to meet partners in the largest gathering of the European adaptation community. For further information please visit the webpage.

We very much thank all participants and sponsors for coming to ECCA2015 in Copenhagen.

Hans Sanderson, PhD
Head of ECCA 2015 Organizing Committee
Dept. Environmental Science - Aarhus University

Advisory Panel:
Michael Goodsite (co-chair), Frans Berkhout (co-chair), Roger Street, Rob Swart, Paula Harrison, Richard Klein, Tiago Capela Lourenço, Jürgen Kropp, Tony Rosquist, Maria Manez, Marco Gemmer, André Jol, Paul Watkiss

Local Organizing Committee:
Lykke Leonardsen (City of Copenhagen), Christina Busk (Confederation of Danish Industry), Stéphane Isoard (European Environment Agency), Hans Sanderson (Aarhus University) (chair)

Programme Committee:
Chiara Mazzetti, Ecologic Inst., Germany
Nico Steljes, Ecologic Inst., Germany
Julia Peleikis, ICLEI, Germany
Bernd Hezel, Climate Media Factory, Germany
Elisabeth Lanoo, CICERO, Norway
Katja Firus, T-6, Italy
Christian Bjørnæs, CICERO, Norway
Therese Rauch, PIK, Germany
Hans Sanderson, AU, Denmark