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May 2015

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Experience climate adaptation solutions live in Denmark

State of Green offers you the opportunity to experience Danish climate adaptation solutions first-hand during ECCA 2015. A State of Green Tour is your chance to take advantage of the lessons learned by Danish companies and institutions as well as the City of Copenhagen. We offer you a look into the combination of climate adaptation technologies and methods implemented in the Copenhagen area.

For more information on State of Green Tours, please visit www.stateofgreen.com/tours

Practical information
Tuesday May 12th. From 16:00 – 18:45 hrs. All three tours
Departure: Bella Center. Outside the main entrance, please arrive no later than 16:15 hrs. Busses will return to Bella Center.
Price: 100 DKK (15 Euro) 

There four tours are:

1) Join a tour to Køge Bugt Beach Park: Sustainable coastal protection with recreational values FULLY BOOKED
Join a tour to Køge Bugt Beach Park, one of Denmark’s largest climate adaptation projects, and experience how sea rise protection can be combined with sustainable development, improved conditions for nature and recreational activities. The man-made beach park is 7-km long and consists of large nature areas. While protecting exposed urban areas from events of flooding, the area attracts various recreational activities and makes the beautiful nature south of Copenhagen more accessible to all parts of the population. You will be introduced to this solution by representatives from the Danish Coastal Authority as well as Hasloev and Kjaersgaard, an architectural office specialised in designing and planning landscape solutions, especially for coastal zones.
Please read more at: http://stateofgreen.com/en/profiles/haslov-and-kjaersgaard


2) Join a tour to St. Kjelds Quarter: A climate adapted neighbourhood FULLY BOOKED
Copenhagen’s first climate adapted neighbourhood, St. Kjelds Quarter, embraces the idea of withstanding precipitation and extreme weather events by reintroducing more nature to the city. On this round tour you will experience the green oasis Taasinge Square where more than 1000 m2 asphalt has been replaced by hills and increased biodiversity. The tour continues to Copenhagen’s first local rooftop farm – a 600 m2 organic garden, five floors above an old car auction. You will be introduced to these projects by two of the partners involved in the project: City of Copenhagen and Orbicon, which is a knowledge-based consultancy advising in technology, legislation and economy.

City of Copenhagen:
St. Kjelds Quarter  http://www.klimakvarter.dk/english/

3) Join a tour to Musicon Rabalder Parken: A Storm water solution with dual purposes 
With the appearance of a skate park and a recreational area, Musicon Rabalder Parken functions as a climate adaptation solution that withstands storm water. Combined with new innovative ideas based on green and sustainable values, Musicon Rabalder Parken has been transformed into a climate change resilient area and a place for recreational activities. On the tour your will meet two of the partners involved in the project: Roskilde Municipality and COWI, a leading international consulting group that specialises in advising on projects relating to climate change.

COWI: https://stateofgreen.com/en/profiles/cowi
Musicon Rabalderparken: https://stateofgreen.com/en/profiles/cowi/solutions/musicon-skate-park-as-flood-mitigation
Orbicon: https://stateofgreen.com/en/profiles/orbicon


4) Join a Tour to Ørestad: Copenhagen’s water resilient city district.
Located in a low-lying area and on reclaimed land, Ørestad was previously considered flood prone. A huge planning and design effort has therefore been put into creating a water resilient city district. By joining this tour, you will get an insight into the intelligent canal system and the 3-split system separating rainwater from roofs, rainwater from roads and sewage. On this tour, we will explore several climate adaptation solutions and experience different phases of the urban development. You will be introduced to these projects by one of the partners involved in the project: Ramboll, the leading environmental consultancy in Northern Europe.
Please read more at: http://stateofgreen.com/en/profiles/ramboll




køge bugt
Photo Credit: Jan Kofod Winther


st. kjelds kvarter

Photo credit: Orbicon





Photo: Christian Nyerup Nielsen 


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